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Archive for June, 2010

Hospital Products produces the world’s first vaccum sealed, coin operated tampon dispenser. I really hope that picture is unrelated [Strange]

Strange [link] [193 comments]

Three men arrested for breaking into- one of them is a woman? Really? Is the one in the middle? C’mon, gimme a hint here [Amusing]

Amusing [link] [82 comments]

While you weren’t paying attention, Nevada enacted an amendment to ensure that Minimum Wage is adjusted every year to match how much you need to earn in order to have a place to sleep and food to eat [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [315 comments]

2/3 of Grade 12 students fail math exams [Fail]

Fail [link] [247 comments]

Fark-ready headline of the day: Lube Fingered in Fatal Blast [Sick]

Sick [link] [34 comments]

It’s not the crash in your Dodge Viper that gets you, it’s the sudden running over by a Ford Mustang while you’re inspecting the damage that does it [Sad]

Sad [link] [161 comments]

Photoshop this solar sculpture [Photoshop]

Photoshop [link] [33 comments]

The woman who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping her is back in the news. This time for setting her home on fire with her boyfriend and children inside. “I don’t feel I’m going to get the justice that I deserve” [Asinine]

Asinine [link] [369 comments]

Republicans hate TARP so much they just voted to keep it going. Wait, what? [Obvious]

Obvious [link] [163 comments]

Bottom-feeders are thriving in the Gulf of Mexico [Followup]

Followup [link] [61 comments]
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