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Archive for July, 2010

Universities that do not stop illegal downloading can now lose federal aid [Asinine]

Asinine [link] [197 comments]

Smoking a joint is no reason to take kids away from their mother (tag is for the judge) [Hero]

Hero [link] [84 comments]

Anyone interested in worst job on Earth? Submit resumes to the left [Obvious]

Obvious [link] [71 comments]

Discovery Channel’s marketing of Shark Week gets more and more intense every year [Scary]

Scary [link] [46 comments]

The dark one is bitter, the blond is cheerful and the red one is just plain crazy. Why do feminists hate women? (with Not safe for workish link) [Misc]

Misc [link] [144 comments]

Photoshop this bent bridge [Photoshop]

Photoshop [link] [26 comments]

Eccentric box inventor going to court over speeding ticket to “spend hours just educating the jury on speed limit law” [Dumbass]

Dumbass [link] [95 comments]

If your film debut is interrupted by cops getting the “victim” out of the trunk and untying him, you might be doing it wrong [Dumbass]

Dumbass [link] [45 comments]

Spanking a student might seem like the only course of action at the time, but it’s also considered a sexual assault for some damn reason [Dumbass]

Dumbass [link] [103 comments]

Having come to grips with the fears over a pool hall in their town, small midwestern community now grapples over if they should let Walgreens sell alcohol in its stores [Silly]

Silly [link] [48 comments]
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