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Archive for September, 2010

Octomom’s giant hiding place, spontaneously combusting bankers, and Emma Watson’s Boobies-Potter role: Fark’s favorite Headlines of the Week for 9/19 - 9/25 [FarkBlog]

FarkBlog [link] [31 comments]

Photoshop this laser beam guide for an adaptive-optics system [Photoshop]

Photoshop [link] [57 comments]

In a move that all political sides can agree on, Congress is finally going to make those super loud TV commercials to SHUT THE FARK UP [Hero]

Hero [link] [393 comments]

Pro tip: When burning photos of your ex, don’t take the whole apartment building with you. Just sayin’ [Florida]

Florida [link] [32 comments]

You know the times, they are a-changin’ when AARP conventions start to resemble Woodstock [Florida]

Florida [link] [76 comments]

Prosecutors: Ma’am you’re charged with murdering your husband. Coroner: Here’s my autopsy report. seems the guy died of natural causes, not suprising as he was 415lbs, alcoholic and had diabetes. Prosecutors: never mind [Asinine]

Asinine [link] [69 comments]

Top five mistakes parents make with their kids. And no, having kids in the first place not among them [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [239 comments]

Using good manners will be the death of you [Followup]

Followup [link] [62 comments]

Oktoberfest purists protest sexy designer dirndls. With a pretty lame slideshow of what sexy dirndls look like [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [181 comments]

House Democrats jettison their last vestiges of farker support, as they move to pass a bill limiting commerce in alcohol [Stupid]

Stupid [link] [155 comments]
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