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Archive for October, 2010

For the third time in a little over a year, a hotel at Disneyland has been evacuated because of a fire sparked by a pizza oven. Good news, nobody has been hurt because it’s a small fire after all [Strange]

Strange [link] [26 comments]

Katie Couric goes all Katie Couric and investigates the afterlife [Strange]

Strange [link] [191 comments]

Snowglobe forces shutdown of airport terminal. Police were able to shake up the scene and everything returned to normal within a few minutes [Stupid]

Stupid [link] [73 comments]

There is no possible way to go green when you TP a house, so here’s the proper method, you planet hating mischievous bastards [Amusing]

Amusing [link] [45 comments]

Blind passengers sue United Airlines. There is more to this case then meets the eye [Strange]

Strange [link] [84 comments]

Happy Halloween - Time for the Fark spooky story thread. (voting enabled; link goes nowhere) [Scary]

Scary [link] [243 comments]

US: “We’d like to park an aircraft carrier in the Thames during the London Olympics.” England: “Bloody hell no, old chap” [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [275 comments]

You work for a debt collector. Do you A) hound people via phone at all hours of the day and night; B) flood mailboxes with paper requests for payment; or C) Set up a fake court room with fake judges and trials to scare the bejesus out of people? [Dumbass]

Dumbass [link] [161 comments]

Record number of runners take part in commemoration of 2500-year anniversary of the original marathon; all collapse and die upon reaching Athens [Spiffy]

Spiffy [link] [19 comments]

Jerk-ass parents have ruined Halloween by turning it into a supervised and sanctioned event [Obvious]

Obvious [link] [208 comments]
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