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Archive for December, 2010

With pic of what a suspect who just swallowed a bag of cocaine may look like [Amusing]

Amusing [link] [8 comments]

Security cameras log robbers who go out on a limb to stick up branch of Shell [Strange]

Strange [link] [4 comments]

“I guess the guy was uh scared of a pastry I guess or these empanadas” [Asinine]

Asinine [link] [5 comments]

It has come to this: a federal government website is needed to encourage kids to go out and play [Ironic]

Ironic [link] [95 comments]

Attention students, the head mistress will be giving sex educations tests personally, in your tent….while naked [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [58 comments]

Men buy women gifts they want for themselves (with Fark-friendly illustration) [Obvious]

Obvious [link] [154 comments]

Holiday theatre show for kids becomes a lot more educational after a porn star is unwittingly added to the cast [Interesting]

Interesting [link] [17 comments]

Substitute teacher who was caught masturbating to the SI swimsuit issue in the Walmart toy department has been banned from the store forever [Followup]

Followup [link] [66 comments]

Walk. Don’t Walk. Go f*ck yourself [Amusing]

Amusing [link] [45 comments]

Newspaper uses Fark postings as primary source to argue problems with PA roads [Silly]

Silly [link] [52 comments]
Emergency Numbers
Ambulance Police Fire Service: 199 OR 112

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