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Yiannis Sakellis

Tell us about your background as an artist.

I began painting at the age of 15, at two art workshops in Paphos. Under the guidance and advice of my art teachers at school, I went to study art at the Accademia di belle arti “Pietro Vannucci” di Perugia in Italy from 2003 until 2008. I’ve been living in Paphos since March of 2008.

What materials do you use and what is you current work about?

At the moment I’m using thread on wood, creating different geometric shapes. I let the threads deliver the light and the forms of the creation, and that is why I consider thread to be a ‘primary material’ in art. Its base is the canvas, and in this way I try to allow the primary material to become its own subject. Furthermore, I use an “eye” (a reflective steel sphere), the “eye of the painting”, which is also the theme of my work. The action of the painting observing the viewer and vice versa, where the viewer sees the painting observing him while he is simultaneously reflected in it, becoming part of the painting himself.

How do you see things in the art scene of Cyprus, what do you think might need improvement?

In Cyprus I still cannot be sure of how the art situation is, but certainly, it isn’t the ‘easiest’ domain. It makes me glad that young artists are trying hard, through all the difficulties and the sometimes, negative social approach or interest, and many times, they succeed in becoming artistically distinct.

Any future exhibitions…

My next exhibition will be in January 2009 at Elvira Gallery in Nicosia. At the moment, there are samples of my work on display at the Café Bar ‘Nuevo’ (13 Nicou Antoniadi Street, Paphos).

Interview taken by Natalie Hadjiadamos

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