Why advertise with us?

Beach News is the only (free) publication in the island that can be found at almost every beach in Paphos/Polis and Limassol. Following three successful years of circulation in Paphos and Polis, Beach News is getting ready for another hot summer that will include Limassol as well.

Beach News readers are not only the thousands of tourists along the Paphos/Polis and Limassol beaches, but all English speakers in the island, since the newspaper is also delivered at all the main supermarkets, kiosks, hotels, cafés and many other places. A full list of the distribution points can be found here: Distribution Points
Below there are a few important points to consider on why your advert in the Beach News is value for your business:

  • Beach News is the most popular English language publication in Paphos.
  • Having proved so successful the last three years, Beach News is expanding into new areas and as from May 2010 it will be distributed in the large Limassol market as well. We were covering the whole of Paphos and Polis/Latsi areas up until now.
  • 10,000 copies every other Friday (commencing first Friday of May 2010 until end of October 2010) providing readership to a substantial number of people. The newspaper will be distributed on a daily basis.
  • More than 50 highly visible individual stands, conveniently located on all the major beaches in Paphos/Polis and Limassol.
  • Its handy tabloid size (28cm x 38cm), the top quality design and printing paper used, in combination with the various interesting topics covered, make the Beach News not just a pleasure to read but also very useful.
  • Each issue contains 32 coloured and black-and-white pages with an even balance between articles and adverts (ads never exceed 40%), thus ensuring quality control and making it a highly readable paper.
  • In support of our newspaper, is our new state-of-the-art website that reads all over the English-speaking world.
  • Advertisers appearing in the newspaper will benefit a great deal, since their company’s logo will be on the Beach News website with a link to the client’s website so anyone can view them and contact them directly.
  • Advertisers appearing in the newspaper are entitled to 20% discount at Rock FM, Paphos.
  • We offer advertisers who appear in the newspaper a very special rate for front-page advertising on the website.

Inside Beach News the reader can find:

  • Local and international news
  • Enriched tourist guide
  • Comprehensive events’ calendar
  • Crosswords, puzzles and many other interesting games
  • Lifestyle (fashion, health, book reviews, restaurant reviews, science, etc.)
  • Cyprus history
  • Comics
  • Sports
  • Interviews from well-known local artists
  • Classifieds

Plus a lot more

So, if you wish to be known among the thousands of visitors every summer in Paphos and Limassol, and all the thousands of English-speaking people in the island, wait no longer before you make your presence in Beach News. Below you can find our advertising rates and details.

Technical Specifications

Files must be sent as exported high quality CMYK PDF’s of high resolution 300 dpi TIFF’s. For better quality, we do not recommend JPG’s.

For clear and sharp text we suggest Vector software such as Illustration or In Design. We do not recommend Pixel software such as Photoshop.

All Pantone colours used in adverts must be converted to CMYK.

You can email your advert at: [email protected]

Or you can post your CD at this address:

Beach News
21, Apostolou Pavlou Ave.
8046, Paphos – Cyprus

Or you can visit us at our studio at the address above.

In case you don’t have your own logo, or you wish to have a new one, our experienced team of graphic designers will design it for you with a 50% discount.

Adverts have to be received a week earlier before the next publication.

Payments have to be received in 7 working days to ensure publication.