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The Banana Saga

When I was a kid, they used to sell these meat pies at the school canteen, and my mum used to let us get a pie once a week. She was a health food freak, so a meat pie was the equivalent of lunch neglect for her kids and she couldn’t bring herself to do that too often. Usually my ... Read More

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The island that was blown away

One day, a strong wind started blowing on a little island paradise. All of the people who lived on the island were shocked, for such winds never before swept their way through. Such winds were never before: never, ever, in the history of the island’s existence, which, is a very long time since the island is mentioned in the Old ... Read More

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I wish you…

Cypriots tout health the highest amongst all blessings.  We wish each other good health on every and all occasions. Congratulations on your wedding and above all else, Health. And the same goes for births, baptisms, birthdays, and namedays, which run the gamut of Cypriot personal celebrations.  Above all else is Health. When you get sick, you start to appreciate the ... Read More

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Gifts of the Greek Civilisation

Someone needs to say it: most fanatic homophobes are probably gay, but too afraid to deal with it. It’s the same scenario as the unclaimed fart. The person who smells it first, and accuses everyone else of farting, is most likely the farter. If you are against gays, and it is because you feel that something may be going on ... Read More

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Are you a psychopath?

I’ve known a few psychopaths in my time. Nothing like Dexter, the serial killer who coldheartedly cuts up bodies and then goes home to his wife and kids, but, psychopaths all the same. Usually you can’t tell who is a psychopath. Cool cunning is, after all, a characteristic of the psychopath. But if you end up getting to know a ... Read More

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