Chiaki Kamikawa

1. Where are you from originally?

I was born in the city of Kawasaki and brought up in the city of Yokohama in Japan.

2. How come you ended up in paphos?

My husband is from Paphos. We met while we were studying in Edinburgh, Scotland and soon after I finished my Masters Degree,

I moved to Paphos.

3. Were did you study?

I studied for a Bachelor of Art in jewellery design at Edinburgh Collage of Art in Scotland and continued with a Masters in Fine Art at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, Holland.

4. Have you met the local artist community and what is your idea about them?

Yes, I have already met some local artists.

For the size of the city, Paphos has a great number of artists from different disciplines.

My impression of local artists is that they are supportive of each other and project a positive and creative energy.

5. You have just opened your studio up in paphos tell us about it?

We recently renovated a historic building in the centre of Paphos and converted it into a modern studio / gallery.


There, I will host cultural events such as art exhibitions (drawings, paintings, sculptures, video art, installations) performances, talks as well as art classes.

I am planning to organize five exhibitions per year with local and international artists.

I would like to contribute to the local community with my artistic input,

and I hope the space becomes a new gathering point for the culturally oriented citizens of Paphos.

Furthermore, I would like to commence an exchange programme between Cyprus and Japan in order to present and promote aspects of the two cultures and give the opportunity to artists to interact.

6. When are you planning a show to present your work?

Until the end of July 2011, in my studio / gallery I host my first solo presentation in Cyprus titled “House Wife Revival”, an exhibition of drawings and sculptures.


For further information about the studio and current work visit my website.

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