Tell us about your work…

My work is the continuance of my academic studies along with my family’s influence. I create based on many of my own speculations, aiming to project the space in which I live and work in, meaning the Cypriot landscape, nature and surrounding objects. I try to solve numerous visual problems in art and bring out the beauty of everything.

How do you feel being an artist from an artistic background?

I believe that I am very lucky to have been born in a purely artistic environment. Starting from my great-grandfather to my parents today. All artists. Therefore, my artistic education began from a very early age, my childhood years. Growing up surrounded by paintings and by the beauty and love for creativity and art. Endless conversations about art, bowing to the archaic and classical Greece, Renaissance and Russian art, empowered me with the love I have for painting.

To what degree does your family influence you?

It’s only natural to be influenced by my artistic family environment. The creative presence of my family greatly influenced my work positively, and each in a different way. All of them are great artists. I believe that starting out with solid foundations and within the artistic quality of my family, I try to add my own experiences so as to leave a personal touch to my work.

What is your view on art in Cyprus?

I see very positive events happening in the world of art in Cyprus. There are many young and talented artists full of ideas, enthusiasm and the will to change many things in art. But for all of this to happen, there should be works of artistic structure done. That will help artists and the world to come closer and towards a better understanding of art.

What kind of changes do you think, as an artist, could be done in Cyprus?

There could be a variety of changes in Cyprus. Such as the creation of a State Art Gallery and of local Municipal Galleries in the towns of Cyprus that could also aim in presenting exhibitions of great artist from overseas. There could also be different companies that build tourist complexes to give emphasis to art, housing small museums or art exhibition galleries.

Tell us about your new work.

My new work expresses the sea landscapes, the primitive and ancient landscape of Cyprus. I believe there should be a balance between nature and tourist development. All this uncontrolled change of the natural surroundings of Cyprus, human beings, nature, are all subjects that take over my mind and all this contemplation appears in my new work.

Interview by Natalie Hadjiadamos

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