Tell us about your background, when did you first start, where have you studied art etc…?

My love of fabric and threads has always been an important part of my life.  Going back to when I first started making my own clothes with a Singer hand machine.  I was forever scouring the markets in London and abroad for unusual fabrics and hidden treasures.  My collection grew and grew - never throwing anything away.

Tell us about your work and what inspires you?

When I left the corporate world of PR & Advertising to start my family I continued making clothes for my children and myself. When they started school I would be found at my machine making hats and other accessories, which I sold at Greenwich Market in London.

My life changed when I went to an exhibition at which I was introduced to the world of patchwork & quilting and then machine embroidery – this turned into an obsession.  I became a constant visitor to all the exhibitions.  A natural progression for me then was to go back to college.  I went to Ashford Adult Education Centre where I studied for 3 years taking my City & Guilds in Machine Embroidery and Textile Design, and attending all the workshops possible.  I was very privileged to be able to study with some of the best teachers/tutors, experimenting in a wide range of different mediums and techniques.

My work now is easily recognised by the vibrant colours and designs.  I use machine and hand stitching using a wide range of yarns, fabrics and ribbons.  Embellished and hand dyed.  I get my inspiration from life – colours, textures and shapes.

What is your current work focused on?

My most recent work “Going Back to Nature” is using natural pieces of bark and working into it with an array of threads.

When did you come to Cyprus and how did you see things here?

I came out to Cyprus 8 years ago to an island full of wonderful excitement – less
intimidating giving me the opportunity to use my imagination avidly.

Cyprus is an island which seems to have an aura that brings an eclectic mix of very talented artists together.

Can an artist survive solely on his work today?

Unfortunately artists have to struggle to survive solely on their work today.

What kind of changes do you think, as an artist, could be done in Cyprus?

It would be nice to think that maybe artists could be given far more opportunity to exhibit their works on a more regular basis..

Interview taken by Natalie Hadjiadamos

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