My name is Nicos Moschatos from Lefkosia but I live and work in Limassol, the birthplace of my mother. My inclination for art was confirmed by a slap from my mother when I was six years old because I had carved in the walls of our house a person. The slap my mother gave me to save me from the wrath of my father and a stricter punishment. She didn’t fail, however, simultaneously, to congratulate me for this talent.

My inclination for sculpture was motioned at the fifth grade of primary school with the encouragement of my teacher, and became my only extracurricular work during my higher education. My first job when I graduated from the Faculty of Samuel was in the Geadis Photo Studio as a colourist (before the introduction of colour technology) converting black and white photographic portraits in colour with oil paints. Two years later I went to England where I studied sculpture and painting and got the NDD (National Diploma in Design). My university studies followed where I received Certificate of Further Education, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

For the next twenty years I worked in senior schools and colleges in England as a professor of fine arts. For the duration of this period I made sculptures for private companies and participated in several group exhibitions.

Retiring (early) in 1995 and returned to Cyprus and now I deal exclusively with sculpture and painting. I am a member of E.KA.TE (Chamber of Fine Arts) and take part in all its manifestations.

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